Thinking of that Cheesy High School Musical Song

 Summer. Finally. I swear the whole year is a countdown to that euphoria when school ends, particularly for me as my birthday is around this time too 🙂 To celebrate the late nights, BBQ season and vivid colours , I decided to put together a virtual scrapbook with a few photos from my holidays so far. IMG_2449[1]

The drink pictured was insanely refreshing and incorporated my favourite fruit – raspberries 😀 I don’t really know how I ended up getting this apple and raspberry blend as I don’t think it was on the menu, however if you head over to the Beacon ( and ask you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Meanwhile in the background is “I’ll Give You The Sun” by Jandy Nelson. I walked into my local Waterstone’s not too long ago and came across the dilemma that is the “Buy One Get One Half Price” deal that throws me every time, since I can never find two books in the deal. Eventually I gave up (my friends were getting slightly irritated at my ‘oohing” and aahing’) and just heaved two books up to the till, only one in the bargain. Although the lady at the counter reminded me about the opportunity I was sorely missing out on and so I asked if she could recommend me another book:

Lady: So what type of books do you like then?

Me: Umm.. Depressing ones?

Lady: *cackles for about two minutes and then returns with “I’ll Give You The Sun” *

The other two books I got were “I Am The Messenger” by Markus Zusak and “All The Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven. I will let you know how they turn out and I will probably review on of them in the future (comment below and let me know which one you would prefer me to talk about x)


Above are my rainbow hair chalks, a childhood wish that has been fulfilled. Now, whenever a friend comes over, we mess around with these for a considerable amount of time and look utterly ridiculous by the end of it. They do get reasonably good results (if used properly) but leave your hair very dry and corse so I usually keep it in for a day and then wash out with a moisturising shampoo/conditioner.


One of my first Summer activities – fruit picking 🙂 What better to pick then my favourite fruit too?!


A simple Diet Coke with lemons in a Mason Jar. At the moment it’s my go-to-drink and more than anything, it looks brilliant and really arty too. Great Instagram spam!


These headphones were a birthday present and are really helping me get into the mood with all my Summer anthems. A few of my favourites at the moment are ‘Shut Up and Dance With Me’ (Walk the Moon), Want To Want Me (Jason Derulo) and I’m Good (The Mowgli’s).

One of my stand-out favourites though is probably ‘Where Is My Mind?’ (Pixies).

Let me know your thoughts and have a brilliant Summer x

The Abstention of Images Conveys my Mood

You know something is wrong when you start singing “When You Wish Upon A Star” in the garden. It really is bad.

Since Friday I have been dealing with disappointment and I am still wallowing in self-pity after not getting into an exchange trip at my school. The results are plucked out of a hat and only 15 people, out of roughly 300, are chosen to get in. You have to apply through an application letter and I folded my paper into a little origami note square that I then put into a balloon that I drew the world on. Therefore, I didn’t really consider failure to be a possibility – stupidly. So after not getting in I have literally tried everything on Earth to prolong the false hope I keep on feeding myself:

  • Cried (not sure how much that helped)
  • Researched into number of British citizens who emigrate every day (400) and then calculated how many days until the Ghana exchange takes place to work out my chances of someone in the group emigrating. In total 165,200 will emigrate.
  • Prayed. Which was more amusing than anything else.
  • Tried to time travel so I could improve my letter – I followed the method from the movie “About Time” so I went into a dark cupboard then clenched my fists and closed my eyes. I nearly passed out.
  • Weighed up whether I could just buy my own plane ticket and meet them out there. Conclusion: I can’t.
  • Researched into a reserve list.
  • Tried to reason with myself about how it is better that I didn’t get into Ghana.
  • Imagined fantasies where I would be presented with a letter  and found out that this scenario was all a mistake.
  • Considered hypnosis (on the teacher that was going)
  • Made as many wishes as I could (white horses, leprechauns, sneezing three times, wishing on websites , genie lamps, blown on a dandelion, making a wish at 11:11)
  • Considered hosting my own Ghana exchanged and creating a Ghana village in my back garden, maybe even teaching my younger sisters like the group would in Nkwanta.
  • Asking Father Christmas.
  • Sang “When You Wished Upon A Star”
  • Listened to wishing songs outside

Back to my grieving.

“You Speak an Infinite Deal of Nothing.”

So not too long ago I went to the Globe theatre in London with some family members and my blogging instincts kicked in and I ended up taking quite a few photos… Which I inevitably forgot about and stumbled across them when I was freeing up some storage space on my phone.

Naturally I couldn’t waste such masterpieces ( 😉 ) and so I put them together in a slightly ‘delayed’ post:

IMG_1524[1] IMG_1547[1] IMG_1541[1] IMG_1538[1]IMG_1537[1] IMG_1552[1] IMG_1554[1]

One of the things I found so brilliant about London that day was how cultural it stemmed and how many photo opportunities there were. On our day trip we ended up going from a classic Shakespearean area to a rough street ghetto and then onto Giraffe, so there were quite a few different camera angles.

The play we saw in the Globe was The Merchant of Venice that was also surprisingly good 🙂 I was slightly cautious though as I went into the theatre having no knowledge of the play and sensing that I was going to have a bit of difficulty understanding the plot, although I managed ok (with a bit of help from the brochures summary).

One lady who sat in front of us though does deserve a mention: she couldn’t find her blanket, that she hired from the stall outside, and immediately turned around to us and went “who’ve stolen it haven’t you?” which was definitely jumping to conclusions.

It turns out though that my sister had actually unintentionally “stolen” it, thinking it was ours which didn’t really benefit the situation. Throughout the play her mood didn’t improve and she kept on hissing “can you move up, I’ve got no room!” when she was so obviously sprawled across the whole stall.

You just can’t get away from some people like that, however hard you try.

A Trip to a Café:

Ok – I love local cafés. There is something so unique and special about them… Something also quite hipster and Tumblr. Perfect for a blog post 🙂

What I particularly like about such places is how they generally cater for vegetarians/vegans really well. I managed to have a brilliant brunch with beetroot, spinach, egg, mushrooms and some speciality baked beans. Although my Dad isn’t actually too keen on the beans – he is a true Heinz branded man!

I suppose this post is a bit of “support local businesses” propaganda. At all costs though please avoid Starbucks. Or as some call it, Starsucks 😉

IMG_1613[1] IMG_1615[1] IMG_1616[1] IMG_1617[1] IMG_1647[1]

As a bit of a side note, I really appreciate all the comments and support I have been getting though this blog – makes all the weird glances in public when I am taking photos all the more worth while. If you have any suggestions for posts that you would like to see or just want to let me know how you are feeling please tell me below. I promise to reply 🙂

A Cup of Tea, a Cookie and a Political Chat.

I feel like I should talk about politics but I’m not too sure what to say. Even though I can’t vote, and find all the debates on TV hilarious more than anything, I have gotten really into #GE15 this year. To be honest, I felt slightly sad when I heard that Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg had all stepped down – they were an endless source of entertainment to me.

Last night was the peak of 5 years and months of news stories and campaigns. I was woken up at 11:30 at night, after two hours of sleep, so that we could get to the count before 12. Yes, I spent over four hours watching the count, doing “rounds of doubtful papers” and having awkward moments with parliamentary candidates.  It was exhausting and I would never have missed it. Although as soon as I finish this post I am going to go scavenging for a paracetamol.

Perhaps it wasn’t the most sensible thing to do since I have exams next week, which I do need to revise (or cram) for urgently. If you ever get the chance though GO FOR IT. Nothing else is like it and I have no regrets about attending. Nonetheless I should have brought a sleeping bag for a few quick power naps.

On the slightly more mundane side of things, I made some cookies. At this level of fatigue it was pretty much the only thing that I could do 🙂 It also allowed me to write this blog post and watch a couple of election programmes running on the BBC.




A Jasmine Flowering Tea


They turned out reasonably well but came out huge, plus I halfed the recipe! One mistake that I did make was that I forgot to half the cocoa so they are quite rich, but with a cup of Lapsung tea they are perfect. I will leave a link to the recipe I used below:

The song I listened to while writing this post was “Dance Anthem of the 80’s” by Regina Spektor. My friend recently introduced me to her album Far and I have been listening to it constantly – it is really refreshing and a stark contrast to the pop love ballads that radio stations pride themselves on.

Hmm… Politics or an April Favourites?

One of my good friends (maybe I should give her a code name?!) recommended a programme to me on BBC iPlayer, originally aired on BBC 3 called “Reggie Yate’s Extreme Russia”. Naturally, I had a look at it, weighing it up against my German homework, and then flopped onto my bed and began watching with the excuse that it was “educational”.

To be fair though, it was. I never have thought about nationalism in Russia or the iron dictator grip that throttles it and this programme really illuminated that for me – plus it was significantly better than Pretty Little Liars.

Even though there have only been three episodes so far, I was noticeably impacted by the second one in particular: “Gay & Under Attack”. This subject is maybe a “touchy one” but I feel considerably passionate about it. Although I didn’t cry when extremists were yelling “faggot!” (I am under suspicious of being a sociopath) I felt extremely emotive. Even more so when my Mum muttered “homosexuality?”, like it was something that my 8-year-old sister shouldn’t hear, after I explained the basis of the programme.

 LGBT communities exist and they are not going to go away if you turn your back on them and hurl verbal grenades over your shoulder, as this programme points out. One of the most heart-wrenching things I personally find with our society and gay members is when you watch coming out videos on YouTube and you hear the person briefly stumble and go “I’m sorry” and then start crying. Please, do not ever apologise for being gay.

Maybe this was a bit of a weird post, and certainly different from a lot of the April Favourites going around, but various Russian nationalists in the series were taking videos of marches and posting extreme posts on social media. Ok, so I don’t have any social media, but I have a blog that people sometimes listen to… Maybe I could combat the hate.

Thank you anonymous friend 🙂

If you do happen to watch/have watched the programme, please leave me a comment. Distract me from German!

Oh and – of course – here’s a song of the post that links exceptionally well to the theme:


HALLELUJAH: It is not raining in Britain!  Even better, it is not raining in the Easter Holidays 😀 DSCF0600


Perhaps the Universe is thrusting me a last glint of hope to compensate for an upcoming exam week *groan*. In the mean time I have had a spectacular time whilst pretending to revise 😉 Tomorrow I am heading off to Alton Towers, a final perk, and I am rather apprehensive. I mean, have you seen a photo of The Smiler ??! Eek. Daunting. The Smiler Besides from that it has been quite a laid back holiday – nothing too drastic –  which is precisely what I needed. Yesterday I completed a huge Spring clean where I scraped back multiple years of junk and mocked my insane hoarding. I also stumbled across quite a few diaries which were amusing, to say the least, to read. To be honest though my room doesn’t look any different. I think it was just hiding a multitude of sins.

Went to see a movie yesterday too called “The Duff”. Stereotypical “Mean Girls meets Bridesmaids” and rather sexist but it was a romantic comedy – what did I expect ?! Hopefully I will post a review on that soon as well so look forward to that rant 🙂 Keeping on the femenist side of things I finished “Living Dolls” by Natasha Walters, a handbook for the 21st century. At some points it was a tad hard to process with all the references, footnotes and statics but it certainly did not disturb the novel – definitely go and purchase a copy. Personally I ordered mine online and I got it for a ridiculous amount, a few pence or something, which made it even more distinguished on my book shelf. However I don’t think it would make a great book review as I am almost reviewing a review that includes a lot of figures and personal accounts.

Had a Wagamama’s in London the other day also, when I went to see Cats the musical at the same time, and managed to take a few photos on my camera. Tell me what you think in the comments. 
DSCF0613 DSCF0618 DSCF0626 DSCF0628 DSCF0629

In other news I tried a Frappe (what a weird experince) and created a new Spotify playlist titled “Banterful!”. One of the songs on can be found below that I even listened to during this post:

“For Lost and Uncared Cats”

This was the sign plastered to a bar table, situated near a stretch of Belgium trenches. I have to confess, I did laugh out loud. Probably just my British sense of humour.

Besides from that (and how all signs were in Dutch so it wasn’t that educational) it was rather touching. Admittedly I have been to numerous war memorials, due to a fanatic Dad, but at Tyne Cot you could wallow in the mud of the trenches like our ancestors had. We even managed to crouch through a communication tunnel, where our socks bathed in stale water and I managed to stumble head first into some spider web out of the Forbidden Forest.

Then, for a more chirpy end to the trip, we visited a cemetery containing (what an awful term) 11,956 bodies of which 8,369 are unidentified or “Know Unto God”. It was blunt.

However it was hard to put so many into context and after, I felt slightly numb. Having been to so many dark tourist places the effect is starting to weaken which in itself is quite depressing.

Don’t worry though – I haven’t lost my cringeworthy touch. I spent a good few minutes shoving a locked disabled door trying to get out of the toilets, while everyone gawped at my stupidity and my parents laughed and pointed. What a supportive bunch you are.

IMG_9110IMG_9142 IMG_9161 IMG_9156 IMG_9157 IMG_9163 IMG_9164 IMG_9177 IMG_9176


As I am a vegetarian and allergic to milk, I find it pretty tough to eat anything besides pasta when I go out to a restaurant. I was getting pretty fed up – especially since I have pasta a lot at school too – and my Dad decided to help me out, logically deciding to Google it. In the end, he stumbled across “Tibits”, situated in London, and it was brilliant. I highly recommend the guacamole, sticky toffee pudding and orecchiette pasta salad – that was pretty amusing to spell 😉 The restaurant also made me feel really Hipster for some reason but naturally I still managed to be really awkward – don’t worry 🙂 

Below are some photos of the day trip. Excuse me if some of them are just slightly warped as the waiter was glaring at me rather passionately…


Oh and if you are in search for more vegetarian/vegan restaurants have a look at this website here:

(Yet again , found by my Dad)

And here is the Tibits webpage:

Podcasts and Pringles

So here I am in Belguim, blogging on a crisp Hotel bed, after 22 miles of cycling. Last year, over Easter, we did a mind-numbing walk and this year it’s a cycle. The issue is that I am terrible at cycling and the last time I managed to get on a bike, I punctured a tyre by cycling through glass. My excuse was really lame and rather shameful because I thought glass only punctured tyres in movies :/ 

I passed some glass though today and I didn’t go through it – so proud 🙂 

Also, being my professional blogging self, I remembered to take some photos … Try not to mock my artistic attempts 😉